Airport Transportation Service for the Flight-Weary Traveler

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Flying can be a nightmare, a packed, painful nightmare. The air is stuffy, almost claustrophobic, immediately reminding you that you’re about to leave the earth in a long flying coffin, and that if it doesn’t come back down the right way, you aren’t going to need a regular one. The cabin is pressurized for your comfort, or so the flight attendant says, but it feels more like it’s pressurized as an experimental interrogation technique, testing the compression resistance of your ear drums. Leg room is cramped at best, elbow room is nonexistent, the seats hardly recline, and if you do put them back, you run the risk of catching a pair of knees, a virus-fueled cough, or at least an angry grunt from the person behind you. Sleep is next to impossible, and the moment you do finally drift off, turbulence hits and you’re jolted awake, heart racing but swelling with pride because you feel as though you just survived your first near-death experience. Finally, you touch down on the tarmac twenty minutes late (of course), and you’re hit with conflicting desires to stand up, lie down, do some cardio, sleep, get to work, and hit the bar. But before anything else you take a deep breath of clean, uncirculated air. Then it hits you. You’re still at the airport. You’re hoping, pleading that your airport transportation service won’t be as painful as the flight. Relax. You booked with Diamond Transportation. Like a timely and valiant knight on a gleaming black steed (or inside one in this case), your professional chauffeur will whisk you away from the horrors of air travel and bring you to your destination in the style and comfort that you are owed. Luxuriously comfortable seats with ample legroom that you can recline in without incurring the wrath of someone behind you? Check. Climate controls that obey only your commands? Check. Wifi access so you can entertain yourself, get a jump-start on work, or tell everyone in your social circles how awesome Diamond Transportation is? Check. Safe, courteous, prompt service that will make you wish flying cars were real, so your chauffeur could just take you the entire way across the country next time? Check. Televisions, DVD players, room for a dozen friends, and a bar? Well, that depends on the vehicle. You can always inquire with our dispatch for details, but the moral of this story is that while there is little to be done about the annoyances of air travel, Diamond Transportation’s airport transportation service can help you recover from it. Reserve your airport car service or find other ways we can make your day better.