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Go on a Zipline Adventure!

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Are you looking for a fantastic team-building activity for your business, organization, or other group? Ride the Line, a package brought to you by Arizona Zipline Adventures and Diamond Transportation, might be just the thing you have been searching for! Our team in Tucson is ecstatic to offer this package as the latest addition to our leisure travel services. With the help of the special event coordinator at Diamond Transportation, planning your ziplining adventure can be done efficiently, affordably, and easily. Read on to learn more about this special event package and see how it can help your team bond through thrilling experiences. The Ride the Line Package At Diamond Transportation, we pride ourselves on helping your events unfold without a hitch. Whether you have a large business convention that needs transportation services or your group of friends wants a fun night on the town, our team and fleet can cater to your needs. The Ride the Line special event package is just another way we are able to assist your team. For Ride the Line, we partnered with our friends at Arizona Zipline Adventures to organize experiences you won’t forget. All of the events in this package take place just 45 minutes from Tucson, and full transportation from one of our fleet vehicles is included in the price. Start With a Zipline EcoTour When you sign up for the Ride the Line package, you will start your day off with the Zipline EcoTour from Arizona Zipline Adventures. The EcoTour features five different ziplines to ride. The lines range in length from 400 feet to 1,500 feet, and all of them place you above the beautiful Sonoran Desert. The longest line is saved for last, and it is a dual line, designed so you will be able to ride alongside a friend. On this tour, you will not only get the chance to see gorgeous, natural landscapes, but you will also push your limits. Ziplining takes a level of trust, which makes it a fantastic activity to do with a team, friends, or family. Everyone will have to overcome some level of fear and anxiety prior to riding the line, and doing so with a team is a powerful way to bond together. The shared experience will create common ground between teammates, allowing them to learn more about one another. Explore Peppersauce Wild Cave Following your zipline adventures, the next part of the Ride the Line package involves exploring a wild cave with the help of experienced guides. This part of the package may involve getting dirty, as wild caves do not have paved walkways. In order to sufficiently explore the natural limestones of Arizona, you may need to walk through natural passageways, crawl over cracks, and even climb at times. The Peppersauce Wild Cave tour certainly isn’t a stroll in the park, but it can help your team come together. Finish the Day at Peppersauce Kitchen After a day full of ziplining and exploring Ariona’s natural environment, your team …

Explore Arizona’s Wineries With Diamond Transportation

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When most people think of Arizona, they tend to picture dry, desert landscapes with cacti scattered over the landscape. While that picture is certainly accurate for a large portion of Arizona, the wineries in Southern Arizona’s Sonoran Wine Country often bring different images to mind. Some people are surprised to learn that Arizona even has wineries! In fact, touring the wineries of Sonoran Wine Country can be the perfect way to escape the heat of Tucson and enjoy delicious beverages from local distilleries and wineries. The team of leisure travel experts at Diamond Transportation is proud to offer wine tours of Southern Arizona. In today’s post, we will discuss our wine tours, Sonoran Wine Country, and give some tips on wine tasting. Sonoran Wine Country Sonoran Wine Country is home to many wineries and distilleries local to Arizona. Some of these wineries, such as Callaghan Vineyards, have even gained national attention due to the quality of their wines. Most of the wineries are found near the towns of Elgin and Sonoita, both of which are about 50 miles southeast of Tucson. Resting in the shadow of the over 9,000- foot tall peak Mount Wrightson, Sonoita and Elgin provide a fantastic place for wineries and distilleries to thrive. This region typically features milder temperatures and a climate suited to vineyards. Sonoran Wine Country also offers wonderful views of Arizona’s landscapes! Between the wide selection of local vineyards, tasty beverages, and breathtaking views, this region provides a fulfilling getaway to Arizona’s leisure travelers. Customize Your Tour At Diamond Transportation, we want to make sure that our wine tours are suited to your specific interests. For that reason, our tours can be customized to feature wineries of your choice. When you take a wine tour from Diamond Transportation, you get to choose between 14 different wineries in the Sonoran Wine Country. Choose between three and five wineries that interest your group the most and we will arrange for you to tour them. Whether you would prefer to try the famous Callaghan Vineyard or try the highly-reviewed Kief Joshua Vineyards, we can help you set up the right tour for your group. Hops and Vines even offers live music every Saturday and kid-friendly areas so the whole family can enjoy a trip to wine country. Tips to Help You Prepare for Wine Tasting After you have booked your wine tasting tour with Diamond Transportation, you may be excited to enjoy the wines of your vineyards of choice have to offer, but perhaps you have never tried wine tasting. If that is the case, then keep reading for wine tasting tips that will help make your experience fantastic. Our first tip is to swirl and smell the wines you taste. One of the wonderful parts about wine is the aromas it offers.Take these aromas in by gently swirling wine in your glass and sniffing the flavors given off by the beverage. Another good thing to remember is to feel comfortable asking questions about the wines …