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C.O.R.E Values

Consistency | Organization | Reliability | Expertise


Due to the centralized nature of our business, all of our staff members receive the same instruction on fulfilling the needs our clients and all are held to the same demanding set of standards.

Our vehicles are always impeccably clean, our chauffeurs are always properly and uniformly dressed in professional black attire, and your ride is always safe and luxurious. With Diamond Transportation, you will always receive the same level of professional, courteous service every single time you ride with us.


Every member of our staff, every facet of our business has a specific and critical purpose. Everyone understands the importance of their position, and they know how to coordinate with each other to get the job done right every time.

Our dedication to discipline and structure provides our staff the tools required to properly carry out their duties, ensuring that our clients’ needs are always met.


What happens when you make a reservation and your driver gets sick, or the car is damaged the day you need it? With a Black Car service, you may be out of luck. A new driver will have to be found, hopefully one with a car you want, and there may be a bidding process among available contractors, if one is available at all. This means a delay, which is unacceptable.

With Diamond Transportation, we are able to assign another of our chauffeurs at a moment’s notice, help you select a different car from our fleet, or make any other changes you require ensuring your experience with us runs smoothly.


Since we have complete control over who drives for us, we only hire the finest and most knowledgeable chauffeurs who are required to undergo drug testing, background checks, DOT physicals, and classroom and in-vehicle education.

Our chauffeurs also go through continuous training through the industry’s leading safety management program to ensure we meet all of your travel and safety needs. We don’t take your confidence in our standards lightly

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