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We endeavor to respond to all comments within 3-5 business days. If you require immediate assistance, we recommend calling the service provider identified on your confirmation page or call 1 (877) 325-1990 and an operator will assist you.

Check out some of our frequently asked questions.


What sort of vehicles are in your fleet?
We provide a full fleet of late-model sedans, SUVs, Spriner vans, and coaches of varying passenger capacities.

What amenenities do you provide in your vehicles?
Different vehicles have different capabilities and amenities. Some of our vehicles have screens, surroundsound systems, various outlets for charging your devices, and more. Your driver can provide a Wi-Fi hotspot, but be aware that if a lot of passengers try to connect to it at once, the connection speed will degrade.

How old are your vehicles?
Our fleet is comprised of all late-model executive and luxury vehicles.

What happens if there is an accident or the vehicle breaks down?
In the event on an accident or breakdown, your chauffeur will first assess the situation for immediate danger or injuries and contact dispatch and emergency services as needed. Dispatch will work with you to secure replacement transportation in as timely a manner as the situation allows.

Do you have ADA-accessible vehicles?
We do not have ADA-accessible vehicles in our fleet at this time, but we do work with partner companies that can provide them. If you need such a vehicle, please ask, and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

Do you rent out vehicles without chauffeurs?
No, we do not rent out vehicles without chauffeurs.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?
Smoking is prohibited in our vehicles, and any clients doing so will be subject to an additional cleaning fee of no less than $250.


Do you perform background checks and drug tests on your chauffeurs?
All of our chauffeurs undergo thorough pre-employment background checks. All chauffeurs who drive vehicles requiring a Commercial chauffeur’s License are subject to pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings and random screenings over the duration of their employment with Diamond Transportation.

What sort of training do you chauffeurs receive?
Our chauffeurs receive extensive instruction in and are held to high standard of excellence in a variety of areas including driver safety, customer care, local area knowledge, and client confidentiality.

Will my chauffeur assist me with my luggage? Absolutely! Your chauffeur will assume you would like help with your luggage and will gladly assist you with it. You can request that they not do so, but please allow them to at least put your luggage into the vehicle and secure it before departing.

How do I contact my chauffeur?
You will be provided your chauffeur’s name and cell phone number prior to your reservation.

Are your chauffeurs employees or contractors?
All of our chauffeurs are employees of Diamond Transportation. On occassion, we have to subcontract out runs due to vehicle or driver availability. When such need arises, we only uses thoroughly vetted partners that we trust to take care of our clients.

Do I need to provide a hotel room or meals to my chauffeur?
If you have a multi-day charter or any reservation that requires a sleeping period for the chauffeur, you will be responsible for their hotel room. We recommend that you book a room in the same hotel you are staying in for your convenience. However, if this is not feasible, we require a minimum of 2-star accommodations for our chauffeurs.

Should I tip my chauffeur? If so, how much?
A 10% gratuity is already included in the cost of your reservation. Any further gratuity is at your discretion.

What is your dress code for chauffeurs?
Our chauffeurs wear black three-piece suits with a white shirt, teal-blue tie, and black dress shoes.


What information is needed for a quote?
In order to provide an accurate price estimate, we would need to know what sort of vehicle you need, your date and time of service, how long you need the vehicle for, and any special requests you may have.

Can you accommodate last-minute changes to my reservation?
We will do everything we can to make your changes work regardless of when you request them. We don’t disallow last-minute changes, but we can only fulfill them if the current schedule allows.

Can we just tour around, or do we need a specific itinerary?
A specific itinerary is preferred and can be required for out-of-state travel, but it’s not an issue for local charters. Our chauffeurs have in-depth knowledge of the local areas and are more than happy to work “as-directed.”

How far in advance should I book my reservation?
We recommend at least 24-hour notice for any sedan or SUV reservation. Sprinters should be booked at least three days in advance, and coaches should be booked a week out or more. These preferred lead times increase during special events and the busy season from February through May. However, we will accept reservations up to and including the requested day of service as long as availability permits.


What is your cancellation policy?
Sedan and SUV transfers can be cancelled 12 hours in advance of your scheduled reservation without penalty. Anything beyond that will be billed in full. For Sprinter reservations, it’s 72 hours, and for coaches we require 7 days notice to cancel.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit card and electronic funds transfers. If paying with an EFT, we still require a credit card on file.

How is billing calculated?
Point-to-point transfers are charged a flat rate based upon the pickup and drop off locations. Hourly charters are billed from when our vehicle leaves our lot until it returns. Over-the-road trips are billed per mile.

Are there any potential costs I should know about?
Third-party fees are not covered in the cost of your reservation. This would be thing like venue entrance fees, tolls, wine-tastings, etc. We also charge a cleaning fee if your reservation requires travel down a dirt road or if there is an excessive mess beyond what is reasonable after your trip has concluded.

When is payment due?
Payment is due prior to service and is generally required in full to confirm your booking. In the case of large group transportaiton with several reservations, we may allow for a deposit. This is done on a case-by-case basis.

Why was I charged more than I was quoted?
While we endeavor to provide accurate estimates for your service prior to booking, extra stops, extended waits, and extended services not in the initial request can result in additional charges.

Airport Transfers

How do I find you at the airport?
For commercial airports, you driver will either meet you in baggage claim with a name sign. This can change depending upon the airport, so ask your reservationist. At private airports, your driver will meet you on the tarmac. It is very important that you provide accurate flight info for commercial trips and tail numbers for private flgihts. These are required for us to meet you when your flight lands.

What happens if my flight arrives either early or late?
Our booking system constantly monitors commercial flights and will update the driver automatically. Your chauffeur will also monitor the flight manually and meet you when your flight lands. If your chauffeur is unable to meet you due to an extreme change in your scheduled arrival time, dispatch will work to reassign another driver and vehicle to cover your reservation. If this happens, new driver information will be texted to you. You may not see this until your flight lands. For private flights, we monitor them when possible. If your flight cannot be monitored, we will arrive when scheduled. Delays in this case can result in wait charges.

When should I arrive at the airport before my departure flight?
We recommend that you arrive two hours prior to flight departure for larger airport such as Phoenix Sky Harbor. Smaller airports, such at Tucson International, only require that you arrive one hour prior to departure and will schedule your pickup to ensure this unless you specify otherwise. If you have an express check-in pass, this time can be reduced to 30 minutes.


What cities do you service?
We regularly servce all communities in southwest Arizona and can serve anywhere in the United States if requested.

Are you open on holidays?
Yes, but we charge a holiday surcharge and an increased gratuity on New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Do you do tours as well?
Yes, we are happy to help you put together any sort of leisure or business tour. Just ask one of our reservationists for assistance.

How do I contact you if I have questions, can’t find my chauffeur, or need to change my reservation?
You can call or text us at any time of the day at 520-825-8888 or 877-325-1990. During non-normal working hours, you may receive an automated after-hours message. If that happens, follow the prompts to be connected to a dispatcher.

Do you offer multi-lingual services?
While we do not require multi-lingual capabilities, we have several drivers and office personal who are conversational in multiple languages.

Do you provide any food or drinks?
Can I bring my own? We do not provide food or drinks free of charge. We can add whatever you like for a fee. You can also bring your own; however, we do not allow glass in our vehicles.

Can I bring my pets?
Of course. We just require that animals are secured in carriers. Any messes left by the animal may result in a cleaning fee